Afro Dance Community Class with Leo Lontagne – Monday, Feb. 15th

Portland Youth Dance presents a donation-based Afro Dance community class with Leo Lontagne on Monday, February 15th, from 5:15-6:15 pm!
This class is geared toward teens and adults. No previous experience is required.
Space is limited, and pre-registration is required via the link below.

Register here

About the event:  All of the proceeds from the class will go directly to PYD’s community dance program that currently provides free classes for youth-in-need at CBM. Masks and clean shoes or bare feet are required. Please follow our COVID-19 protocols.

About Leo:  Leonel Lontange is an Afro dance teacher, and he is the founder of Youth Dance School, created June 12, 2019. He is passionate about dancing and teaching people the movement of Afro dance. Afro dance class is a mixture of the new generation of African influences and street dance. In the class, you will work on musicality, heavily influenced by the rhythm and musical trends from The Congo, Nigeria, Angola. Urban street styles are incorporated into the backdrop of this heavily African based technique. The class’s cultural and social environment is free-spirited and creates an environment where students dance, learn, have fun, and feel free.